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Use SecurityKISS Tunnel To Protect Your Internet Privacy

SecurityKISS Tunnel is an internet security software that uses OpenVPN to secure your internet connection, so it is not only hide your real IP address, it also encrypted and secured your data traffic. Not like other VPN service, SecurityKISS Tunnel made an own software that combines OpenVPN client, so you have download and install this software, After that, just open it and start connection. You do not have to register an account, no ID and password. After connected server, your real IP will change with an European IP. Very easy to use.

I have tested this software, everything is fine, the speed is very fast. My real IP address was changed by a British IP. It is a freeware, so everybody can download and use. But it does not mention if it keeps this application free forever or only temporary free now. This service is upgrade, it offers commercial service but still keeps free version, free users can use 300MB each day, and multiple servers from different countries.

This client is very similar with another servicer - Hotspot Shield, but SecurityKISS Tunnel does not have any ads now. You can download software from official site.

If your ISP blocked it you can download it from Uploadie or DepositFiles.


Steve said...

I tried it and works really well, the speed is good, however there is a limit on traffic usage.
Make sure you download it from original website since every downloaded binary is different so the binary instance from has already used the limit.

Anonymous said...

sadly it says only 20mb per day!

is it right?cause if it is,then is a waste of time with such a limit.

here it is

When will the usage limit be dropped? I want to run this tunnel all the time...
The usage limit will be increased but never be dropped. For free users it is possible to use SecurityKISS Tunnel all the time if they manage their limit carefully while we are preparing a paid version of the service with full support and high usage limits.
For free users we just increased the limit to 20 MB per day

Anonymous said...

The limit is 50 MB now