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Use A Web Based Tool To Create Wallpapper For Your Wallpaper

Wallpaper Maker is a web based tool that helps you to create wallpaper for your computer. It offers some elements, so only few clicks you can create a nice wallpaper for your computer.

Actually, it does not have too many elements, so it should be easy to use. First, click "make your own" on top bar. Make sure the wallpaper's size. Pick a background picture from "BACKGROUNDS". You can click "next>>" button browse more pictures. After that you can add other elements from "MAIN PICTURES", "ACCESORIES". All done, click "BUILD MY WALLPAPER" button, you have to allow new window popup. On another page you can use right click with mouse, choose "Save Image As" to save it. Last step is make it become your computer's wallpaper.

I think this is a useful tool, but only few elements, even does not support upload function.

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