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Alkasir, A Secured Socks Proxy Client

Alkasir is a secured proxy software that helps you to bypass internet censorship in different countries. It only runs in Windows Operation System, and requires Microsoft .NET Framework. The developer is an Arabic man who offers Arabic people to bypass internet censorship in some Arabic countries, but the application has two languages: Arabic and English.

Actually, it is a socks proxy client, the newest version combines a browser, but it always crushed when I opened it. I prefer to use my fault browser, just set up Network Connection to Socks5, 8800.

Alkasir has some different packages: Full Installation Package, USB Package, both packages have full or individual client without browser. It asks you to do a survey when you run it the first time, after that it gives you a code to activate it. You can choose a country where you located. It is easy to use, you do not have to change anything.

After running this software you have to wait a moment, it should connect remote server, if failed it should display this interface above.

If you see "Proxy status" is "ON" with Green color on the interface, and it displays your real IP address, that means this client is working. Go forward, you can hide your IP while you surf online.

Download Alkasir.

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