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How To Use VirusTotal Web Virus Scanner Without Upload File

VirusTotal is a good web anti-virus tool that uses multiple engines to scan virus for you, only you have to do is upload your file. Actually, it also offers another option that is Hash Search. What is a file hashing? It is a technical thing, but we can easy to understand that is a file DNA. So we can use Hash Search to make sure a file is right.

Very simple to use Hash Search, just paste any file's Hash (md5/sha1/sha256), click "Search" bar, it will display the result. But, how to find a file's Hash? You have to use a software to detect it. Hash Tab 3.0 is a simple tool that can help to fine file's Hash. After you install this software, just use mouse right click a file, choose "Properties" on menu, click "File Hashes" on top tab, it will display MD5, SHA-1, copy one of them, paste into Hash Search.

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