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A Nice Free Media Converter: Freemaker Video Converter

We have some very good software that help you to convert media formats, and most are also freeware, so we can use these software to convert media files. But, different applications have different features, the result is also different, like some converters are good for convert media file to cellphone, and some are very good for high quality. That depends on what users needed.

Freemake Video Converter is a freeware, it can help you to convert media format. I think this point is not special if we compare to other media converters, but I really like other two points that are very special: Photo Slideshow and Video Editor.

Photo Slideshow - it helps you to convert photos as a video, and lets you add audio, it is good to make a photo slideshow video for your electrical frame.

Video Editor - it is like a video cutter, very simple to use, great to cut one video to several parts.

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