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A Simplest Way To Watch Hulu Outside US

Hulu is a very good place to watch US TV shows, and video quality is also very good. But for most Non-US users, maybe it is not easy, you have to change your IP address look like in USA. Yes, we have some ways to do that, like proxy, VPN. But, there has a simplest way to watch Hulu without change your IP address.

How can we do that, here we go.

1, You must use Firefox browser, install a Firefox add-on - Modify Headers.

2, Open Firefox browser, click "Tools" on top toolbar. On menu, choose "Modify Headers", in a new window, type X-Forwarded-For in first box. Type in second box. Leave last box blank. Click "Add" button.

3, click "configuration". Check "Always On". All done.

Try to watch a show on Hulu. This trick is easy, and works some countries, like Canada, England, but I am not sure it works on other countries.

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