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A Simplest Way To Watch Hulu Outside US

Hulu is a very good place to watch US TV shows, and video quality is also very good. But for most Non-US users, maybe it is not easy, you have to change your IP address look like in USA. Yes, we have some ways to do that, like proxy, VPN. But, there has a simplest way to watch Hulu without change your IP address.

How can we do that, here we go.

1, You must use Firefox browser, install a Firefox add-on - Modify Headers.

2, Open Firefox browser, click "Tools" on top toolbar. On menu, choose "Modify Headers", in a new window, type X-Forwarded-For in first box. Type in second box. Leave last box blank. Click "Add" button.

3, click "configuration". Check "Always On". All done.

Try to watch a show on Hulu. This trick is easy, and works some countries, like Canada, England, but I am not sure it works on other countries.


Anonymous said...

works in china

Anonymous said...

not working in Germany

Galadriel said...

Not works in Chile

Galadriel said...

Don't works in Chile

Asus laptops said...

Don't Work in the Serbia