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Giveaway Jaksta 2.13

Jaksta is a very good software that helps users to download and convert web video and music file. Compare to most similar downloaders, Jaksta is not only download regular FLV format web video sites, like Youtube, it also supports download RTMP, RTMPE, RTMPT, RTSP format video, like BBC iPlayer. It is a commercial software, the newest version is Jaksta 4, it costs $39.95 US dollars.

My blog only talk about free stuff, if you want newest version of Jaksta you have to pay. But if you do not care about version and want to try this software, you have a chance to get older version for free. Today I like to give way this software's license. Actually, this is to gives away to Austria PC News readers. Of course, the version is very old - Jaksta 2.13. I did try it, found two points: one is it gives away same license code. Another one is this is a German version, and it does not work with English version. So I tell you how to convert German version to English version.

Download Jaksta 2.13 here (I repacked). Extract files, use this license code (1B2EB24C-C7CD-9A5F-1FBB-9EA6FE0852E5) to activate application. Copy "jlang.resources.dll" to this folder (C:\Program Files\Jaksta\Streaming Media Recorder\de\), and instead of old one which is German version.

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