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Download MP3 With A Small Application

I have written many articles that talk about how to download MP3 from internet, we have many ways to do that job, all are depend on what kind of MP3 you wanted, Good quality or regular one. If you want to keep your MP3 longer, you have download very good quality MP3, most resources come from iTunes, Amazon, you have to pay to get them, but they are cheap. If you do not care about MP3 quality, just want to listen and delete them late, maybe a small MP3 downloader is good for you, most these kinds of client are free.

Pirate is a small MP3 application that helps you download MP3 music from a Russian social networking site. This is a portable software, you do not have to install it. After downloaded, just click to run it, type keywords in search bar, it will give your search result, choose one you wanted and download. Very easy.

Download Pirate application here.

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