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RockMelt, A New Social Browser

Nowadays, socialized websites are very popular, Facebook, Twitter they jump on top 10 popular web service. If you do not know that you seem an old fashioned person, if you do not use it, you seem isolate yourself. To be honest, I am not a social person, even I have these kinds of account I am not use them very often. But younger generation love these services, even they can not alive without them.

RockMelt is a social browser that integrates Facebook and Twitter, it seems just for social people who like to use Facebook, Twitter, it makes you much fun with your social circle. You can use your Facebook ID and password to sign in, you can share information while you surf on any websites. Actually, RockMelt is based on Chrome browser, and attaches some plug-ins. The interface looks different with regular browser, it is not use tabs, just has right and left side bars, one is lists your Faceboo friends, other one is some social networking sites. This design gives you to easy connect your friends. It may good for people who use social networking a lot, but I am not one.

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