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Try A New VPN Service For Free

My blog introduces many internet privacy services like VPN service, but for most people who want protect internet privacy, so they like to use VPN service. But most VPN services are commercial, we have to pay several bucks each month to subscribe service. Some VPN services offer trial account that lets people to test their service before to subscribe service. Only a few companies offer free VPN service.

Best Free VPN is a new free VPN service, it offers maximum 512Kbit/s download and 256Kbit/s upload bandwidth for free. We do not need register an account, and it will change password every 12 or 24 hours, so you have to bookmark its page to change public password if you want to keep use it.

I had a try this free service, it connects server fast, but speed is slow. I do not know why every 5 - 10 minutes it disconnected, I have connect server again.

Server Host:
Use Name: free
Password: every 12 or 24 hours change password

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