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Watch Video Torrents Online For Free

Torstream is a new web service that offers a new concept to streams live movies via Torrent on public trackers. It is a brand new web based service, you do not need waiting to finish download, just watch movies with your browser. Of course, you have download and install a modified BitTorrent client - TS Plugin, this client (plugin) enables your browser video over a peer to peer BitTorrent network.

It has two ways to watch or download movies, one is to use first option - "Search torrent" on search bar, choose "International users".

Just type keywords to search your favorite movie, after clicked search button it will list movie on different public trackers, if you want to watch live movie, choose one which has more seeds, and click "watch" button.

It will display a media player (requires a Firefox plugin). You have to wait a while as a BitTorrent client, after prebuffering it will play movie.

Another way is download movie into your hard drive. Choose "Remote Torrent", type a torrent URL or upload a torrent file to server. After click "Go" button it will start download.

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