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Memopal Offers Free 3GB Web Space For Backup Your Files

Memopal offers free 3GB web space to backup your files, like other similar this kind of service, you have download a special client that can transfer your file to server automatically, you do not have to worry forget something. You have two ways to backup your files, one is use its client. This way is automatic transfer your files, even for large files, up to 1GB. Another way is to use website to upload your files, but it limited size only 50MB. If you want more space, you can switch to commercial plan. Memopal also supports mobile devices, like iPhone, iPad, and Android cellphones.

Actually, online backup service have big competition, we have wide choice, like Mozy (2GB for free), Idrive (5GB for free), Dropbox (2GB for free), Sugarsync (5GB for free), even Norton and Acronis offer free online backup space if you bought their products.

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