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Let Kindle Read RSS Feeds

I spend lots of time on internet, most time I have to browse websites, read blogs, and do something test. I think I have to reduce my internet time, I mean I have to other things without internet, like reading. I bought Kindle 3 last month, I try to read more books, at least I have to take back my habit.

Kindle is a very good e-reader, it is not only read e-book, it also browse internet, I still could not leave internet. But Kindle's screen is too small for regular browse websites, it is hard to read whole article that on a website. If you have an account with Google you should know Google Reader, it can read website's content via RSS feeds. You may know what I want to talk about below.

Nowsci gives us a tool that makes e-reader easy to read RSS, it uses Google Reader platform, just uses Kindle to browse its web address, then read web content by our Google Reader. Use Google ID sign in account, combines Google Reader and Nowsci. Next step is add web RSS link to Google Reader. Last step is to use Kindle browse Nowsci, and read something that you added. It is much better than direct browse websites.

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