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One Click Upload Your File To Multiple File Hosting Sites

Nowadays, we can find many free file hosting sites that allow us easy to share files on internet. Most file hosting sites offer quick upload file without register, so just one click, all done. But if you want upload your file to multiple sites how can you do? Upload file site by site? Yes, but it needs spend a lots of time. Actually, we can use Multi Site Upload to do this job.

This is a new web service, same some old similar sites that I introduced before, some sites already shutdown, like Some are still alive, like Mirror Creator. Whatever, we can upload file to multiple sites easily.

Take a look these screenshots below, and understand how easy do to.

Import a file from your computer or link a web server, choose what site you like upload to.

Click "Upload" button, it starts upload.

After done, it gives out a link that shows already uploaded sites.

If you want download this file from sites, just click each one, it will take you to a web page that is a click-earn-money service, just click "SKIP AD" button you will be real download page.

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