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Super Easy To Send A Big File With Zeta Uploader

Sometimes we need to send file to other people, if the file is small like a photo, we can use email to send with attachment. If we have a big file, we need think about to use other way, like upload a web space, then give a download link to receiver. Yes, it is not hard to find a file hosting service, but today I like to introduce a useful service that makes this job much easy.

Zeta Uploader offers you an easy way to send big chunk file to other people. It is an all-in-one service, upload your file, type receiver email, it is all you have to do, even you do not have to register. Receiver will get an email with a file download link. Simple, super easy. You can upload files with a maximum size of 500 MB, the server will keep it 30 days, after that it will be deleted automatically. If you like to register a free account, you can use option to set up delete time, and a notice when someone download file.

It also offers a small piece application that allows you to use this service without go to its website. I like to use a portable version application, just click and use it, very simple and easy. If you like you can download application below.

Regular version, it needed to install.
Portable version, direct run it in any place.

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