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Play Music From And Grooveshark With A Standalone Desktop Application - GrooveWalrus

If you are a music lover, you might know and Grooveshark, they are very good online music streamers, you can listen to music online for free. But I do not know if you know GrooveWalrus, this is a standalone application that lets you to play music from these two music services on your desktop that also means you can listen to music without open your browser.

It is easy to use, just type keywords in to search bar, it will give you result list including singer, song, and album, click one it can be added in playing section, you can add more songs and make a playlist. If you like you can save song in your computer. It also has other options, like plug-in: play music from Dizzler and Grooveshark. Get lyrics, even can remote control over the web. This is a very good music client.

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