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Test Your Internet Speed With Some Websites

Usually, our ISPs offer some different internet accessing packages, they depend on how fast we want. How do we know the real speed we have? If we use proxy, VPN, SSH, FTP these kinds of clients we have to know how fast they are. So we can go somewhere to test our real speed. Today, I would like to tell you some websites they can test your internet speed.

Broadband Speed Checker - this server located in UK, simple click "Start speed test" button, it will test your speed. It also offers code to paste on your website.

Speed Test - this is a most popular speed test site, it is not only to test your local speed, it also lets you point to other servers where around the world. It based on Ookla engine. This service also offers speed test client to install on your website for free.

Testmy - this service is very simple, download, upload, and special test for cellphone, they do individual test. Server located in Texas, USA.

Speed - this service is nice, just click "Start Speedtest" button, it will measure download, upload ping together.

Speedtest Shaw - this server comes from Canada, simple test your internet speed, but the result only stay a few seconds.

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