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Direct Download Torrent File With Torrific (No Requir Client)

We know some users like use torrent client to download files, but if you do not have client, or you do not know how to use it, how can you do if you really like to download a file on torrent index hosting site? Bitlet is a way that helps you download file without a client. I had talked about it before. Today, I like to introduce another one - Torrific.

Torrific is a new domain that instead of old one: BTaccel. Who needed to use this service? If you find a file with torrent format that you want to download, and you do not have a client, you can use it easily. Copy and paste a torrent download link, or type keywords to search file on torrent index. Torrific offers a proxy to search torrent file. After you picked up a link, it will convert torrent file to an original format. It dependents on file size, you have to wait converting process finished. After all done, it will give user a link to download directly.

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