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A Nice Web Based Bookmarking Service is a web based bookmarking service that is not only bookmark your favorite web links, also keeps content. Compare to other regular online bookmarking services, have more functions and conveniences. Why do we have to use web based bookmarking service even we can bookmark web links with browser? Browser's bookmarking function only keep links in local machine, if something happened with your browser or computer, your data will be lost. Keep bookmark web links in an online service is a good way. In other hand, you can access your favorite bookmarking data with any computer. offers an add-on to browsers, like Firefox (4.0 version), Google Chrome. It also supports cellphone. Browser add-on is easy to bookmark your favorite websites, but if you do not like to install anything in your browser, you can use a regular way to add web link, just create an account and add web address. All bookmarked sites display with thumbnail.

Actually, is commercial service, you have to pay $1.99 US dollars to bookmark websites without limitation. But it also gives users a free version with limited 50 bookmarks.

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