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Share Your Files Simply With Fyels

We have many file share services, most of them seem fancy, we have to do some steps, like click link, upload file, and wait to download file, even with some ads pop up. Actually, some websites are very annoying. I think you may change to Fyels that is a very simple file share service.

Why do I like this service? One sentence is simple. How simple is it? Just take these screenshots below.

Use mouse to drag and drop file from your computer to web interface, the size up to 9GB.

After finished upload, it will give out a download link, a delete file link and password.

Direct one click download file without any waiting.

If you want to delete file, just use password.

I do not know how long it can keep file in server. You can use this service without register. If you like to keep files, you can try a similar service: Gopileus, after registered, you have 1GB space to keep your file.

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