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Signnow, Signature Cross Over Internet

Signnow is a web service that makes me a little bit surprise, it helps users use a special tool make signature by internet. We know internet documents are legal, but most time we have to print down and sign name on the paper because we cannot sign our name cross over internet. Signnow gives users a useful tool to sign our signature on the internet that means we do not have to print down document first, and sign on the paper. It is good for people who live in different places.

How does Signnow working? Actually, it is easy. First step, upload your document to server. Then, use Signnow tool to sign your name. It offers several ways, Sign: use mouse to drag your name as a pen/type your name in keyboard. Text: type additional text, like date. Sticky: send to third people signing names. After finished it will handle document for you, and send notice to you.

This is a nice tool for signature, it is free service, good for some companies. If you need more secured and functions, you can use premium service.

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