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Use Scrapii To Download Batch Of Photos On Web Page

Sometimes we want to save it in our computer when we saw a good photo on website, the simplest way is to click right and save it. Yes, this is only for single photo, if we want to save multiple photos how can we do? Use single saving step is too difficult. We can use some software to do that job. But if we do not have any software how can we do? The answer is: use a web base tool.

Scrapii is a web tool that we can use, just copy and paste a web address where photos located, click "Scrape!" button, it will grab all photos with a compress format .zip file, just download it. All done. But it doesn't mean every photo we saw on page it can grab, some web pages are not offer direct links, Scrapii couldn't do anything when it met this kind of web page.

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