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Share Your Audio File With Other People In Real-Time On Chatroom

If you have a wonderful song, and want to share it with your friends, how will you do? I think most people will upload to a web space, or send it to someone by email. How can you listen it with your friend in same time? Yes, a way that can help you do that. offers an easy way to listen audio file with your friend in same time. It is very easy to use, just use your Twitter ID or Facebook ID to sign in. First, you have to create a chatroom, so you can send web address to your friend who you like shared. Next, after your friend got link and chat with you, you can upload an audio file by use mouse drag file to website interface. Now, it streams file, you can listen this audio file with your friend in same time. Meanwhile, you can chat to each other by text. Pretty cool, is it?

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