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Short Email With Social Function

Shortmail is a special web service that mixed email and Twitter. Say it is email service because it is a real email service as others, you can send email, even offer pop3, imap, and smtp. But, it limits 500 letters each mail. Say it is social networking because it lets you choose private or public mail, if you chosen public your mail will be in public conversation mode that means everyone who knows mail URL can read and reply. You can use Twitter ID sign in, it gives you an email account with your Twitter ID, looks like, if your Twitter ID is "abcd", your Shortmail address will be "". You can send email as regular email service, the email receiver got that have a footer attached that says “This is Shortmail. Please reply in less than 500 characters; about 5 sentences.” So it limits length of mail, also for sender and receivers.

What is cool point of Shortmail? The public conversation, everyone can join it, this is social thing.

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