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TunnelBear, Deep Hide Your Real IP Address Online

I am always interesting about secure internet privacy, it doesn't mean I have to do some bad thing online, it only means I know how important about internet privacy. Today I like to introduce another secured client that called TunnelBear. Look this name you should know what is it doing. This is client that builds a tunnel between your computer and server as a VPN, only difference is you don't have to set up anything on TunnelBear, just download, create an account, and choose server, turn on. All done. You can surf online without leak your real IP address.

TunnelBear offers two kinds of account, one is free, but limits 500MB broadband each month. But you have the chance to get extra 1GB broadband each month for free. Another one is premium account, $4.99 US dollars each month without limitation data transfer.

Take a look these screenshots below.

If you don't have an account, choose first line, click "Next" to register.

Type your information in to form, if you like to ask extra 1GB broadband I suggest you fill your Twitter ID. Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Choose a server (US/UK), turn it on.

After connected server, the client looks like this one.

If you have an account of Twitter, you may like to get extra 1GB broadband for free.

Type your Twitter ID. Click "Comfir & Tweet!", it takes you to Twitter, just tweet.

Download TunnelBear, It supports Windows and Mac.

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