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Privytalks, Secured Online Instant Messenger

Do you use instant messenger or email to send important information, like password, account number? You may think they are safe, but it is not. Your information is possibly leaking by third parts, or hacker. If you real care about online privacy, you should use secured client or web service.

Privytalks is a very secured instant messenger that secures your information, so your message will be more safety. It is a web based application, you can use it without register. Just click "CREATE ROOM" button, it gives out another page with an individual address. It shows this message:

Waiting for partner. Send this link: You will be notifies when your partner is connected. After that you can chat safely.

You have to send this link to your friend, after receiver connected, you can talk to each other. It encrypted all messages and traffic, so it is very safe. I think it is good to send sensitive information to somebody.

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