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Turn A Text File That Hosted On Dropbox To A Web Page With

We know Dropbox is a popular web cloud space service, millions of people use this service, we can store tons of files on this cloud space. But how to publish text file as a web page, not only stores it? Some web developers create extension service that based on Dropbox, is one of them, it turns a text file what hosted on Dropbox to a web page. Sounds interesting?

Actually, it is not easy to do because you have to learn some skills of code. First, it requires Dropbox, then register an account with Third part is most important and difficult for users, you have to learn some skills that how to write code on text file, it is different with HTML file. After you wrote a text file, just upload to "" folder on Dropbox. Back to you will see that text file, it displays as a web page, copy this url you can share with other people. Take a look this page below.

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