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Be Careful, Caught You Download File On Public Torrent Servers

If you download files with BitTorrent you should know this website - You Have Downloaded. Why? It can catch what files you downloaded on public torrent servers. If you didn't use VPN your track left on public servers, You Have Downloaded can catch your download history, you can search IP and file name on this site. For some users, it may have serious problem because in some countries torrent download is illegal.

I think these statistics are very interesting:
Estimated service statistics

Users in database: 52,271,000
Torrents: 110,000
Files: 1,907,000
Files size: (103.41 TB)

Top 5 themes
1. Music
2. Movies
3. TV-shows
4. Games
5. Applications

Top 5 regions

1. China
2. United States
3. Spain
4. United Kingdom
5. Taiwan

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