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Share Your Files With Friends In A Faster Way

We love web clouds storage, it gives us more space to backup or store files, also easy to share files with other people. New technology makes store and backup files much easier than before, but we still have to upload files to servers, and receivers have to wait sender finish uploading, it needs a long waiting time. Now, a new sharing way comes out, GetShareApp gives us a brand new way to send file to your friends.

GetShareApp offers a client that powered by torrent technology, it makes upload and download much faster. If you have experience with BT download client, you should know about its feature. What's difference between GetShareApp and other web cloud sharing services? Actually, best point is no file size limitation. Why? because you don't have to upload file to server, receiver can download file from your computer directly.

You have to download and install a client, register a free account, setup file to sharing, so receivers can download files quickly.

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