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Use ProxyDNS To Watch US Video In Oversea

If you live in outside the USA, you might have a problem to use some websites, they have some geographic restrictions, like Hulu, PBS, Pandora. Only US IP can enjoying these multiple media services. Most people suffer this geographic restrictions, including American people who live in oversea. Only thing you can do is to change your real IP to US IP, like proxy, SSH, VPN. Today, I like to introduce a new way that lets people who can watch video and listen to music on US websites for free.

ProxyDNS offers a cloud based proxy DNS service that helps people who live in outside the USA to enjoying multiple media service. You don't have to download and install any software, only thing you have to do is to change your DNS setting. It's simple and quick, only a few seconds you can be done. You can check here to know how.

No like VPN or proxy, ProxyDNS doesn't change your IP, so it isn't a service for your privacy or break internet censorship. For some internet censorship countries, this service is not working anymore. I only tried a few times, only one time was successful. I am not sure it works for everyone.

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