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Learn Other Languages With Busuu

I want to learn Japanese, but it seems difficult for me. Like most language learners, I didn't keep very long, then give up. I did try search on the internet, try to find a good language course, joined some online language communities. Of course, I don't want to pay language course, only to learn beginning level, and think about if I have this language talent.

Busuu is a new place where I found to learn my Japanese course online. It offers premium course and free beginning course, I just want to very simple words, that's my goal. Well, I start to learn some simple words, only twenty basic short words with audio and text in two languages. Pretty good! If you want to learn other language, don't expect you can hold this skill just one night. A long way to go. After "Vocabulary", it offers "Dialogue", "busuu talk", and "Review". I haven't finished "Vocabulary" course, so I can't say anything about other three steps.

Busuu is an online community, you can create your group, invite someone to join you, or join other groups. Easy to search someone who you want to make friends with, and practice language.

If you think this language community is good for you, you may upgrade membership. But for me, it's a very very long way.

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