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Send Text Message To US Cellphone For Free With Textport

If you live in the USA, or doing business with people who live there, you may need call or send text message to your friends in the USA. But, most people don't know about they can send text message to US cellphone for free by website.

Textport offers a platform that lets users send text message to US cellphone for free, even you can send photo and video. If you don't know your friend's cellphone which company belong to, just choose "USA - Auto Seclet (free)", type phone number. If you want to reply message,  you can kick "From" and type your email address. It's totally free to use. If you want to send photo or video, just use "MMS feature".

This service is good for people who are not lived in the USA, they can send text message to US friends for free by computer. Actually, it also offers commercial plan, you can send text message to other countries with cheap price, like Canada, India, UK, Spain, China, Australia. If you like, even you can get virtual local phone number in several countries.

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