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Quickjava, A Safety Add-On Of Firefox

If you are using Firefox browser, you should now it has lots of extensions, add-ons, these stuff make online surfing so easy, fun and safe. Some add-ons we have, like NoScritp for example, stops bad javascript code. It keeps online browsing safe because many bad codes wrote by JavaScrip. If you banned it can be working anymore. Today, I like to introduce another very good Firefox add-on that called Quickjava.

This add-on also stops JavaScript, not only that, it stops more codes like Flash, Silverlight, Images, Stylesheets. It has two benefits, one is safety, another one is speed up load web page. Very useful. After you installed this add-on, it will appear on toolbar, you can stop codes any time, just by one click.

Take a look these screenshots below, compare to the big difference.

Before use Quickjava

After used Quickjava

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