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Watch US TV Shows Without IP Restriction On Youku Or Tudou

We know Youtube is a biggest video site on the internet, but if you are living in a country where is Non-English speaker, maybe your country also have local video site, like Youku, Tudou these two major video sites in Mainland China. Today, let me talk about how to watch some videos on Youku, Tudou without IP restriction.

Youku and Tudou are two major video sites in Mainland China (they signed agreement to merge to one recently). They are very popular in China and oversea like Hongkong, Taiwan, and some southeast countries, you can watch tons of video, TV show, movie, video music, but some videos like US TV show have IP restriction, only available in Mainland China. If you are living in outside Mainland China, how can you watch these videos?

Actually, it's easy! If you used Firefox browser, just install an add-on that called Modify Headers.

After restarted browser, open it on add-on list, type "X-Forwarded-For" and an any Chinese IP like "" in to bars. Click "Save", it will be added in main window, double click it that can be switched. Green means "on", red is "off". Now you can go to Youku or Tudou, watch your favorite US TV shows.

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