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Backup Your Website To Dropbox With MyBackupBox

If you have an individual website that hosts on a web server, you may think about backup your site. You can find some web services to do this job, but most are commercial that means you have to pay, some are free service that limit web space. Actually, you can use some free file backup services like Dropbox.

How can you backup your website to Dropbox? My Backup Box can help you. This service offers a web platform that transfer files between your website and Dropbox. You can easy transfer whole folder to each other, not only backup website, also can transfer files to your website from Dropbox.

With My Backup Box, only thing you have to do is set up two servers, so they can transfer files to each other. Now it supports FTP, SFTP, Dropbox. Late, it will support others like Box, SugarSync, Amazon S3, Flickr. It's free to register an account.

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