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Befunky, A Powerful Online Photo Editor

Recently, Facebook acquires Instagram for 1 billion dollars. What hell it do with this small web service? The key is, this small internet service is so popular, this photo platform have over 30 million users, especially for smart phone users because Instagram merges smart phone camera, photo editor, make wonderful image instantly with phone. Better than regular image editor, usually you have to load photos to computer and edit them. With Instagram, you can use smart phone take a photo, simple choose a mode, send it to your social networking sites at once. But if you don't have Instagram, you can't do anything, it doesn't offer a way with your computer.

Now, I like to introduce a web based photo editor that just for your computer, and makes your photo looks special. Befunky is an online photo editor, you don't need any software, just get its website, upload your photo or import a photo from a web link. With multiple tools, you can choose any one to make your special photo. Compare to other web based photo editors, I think Befunky is a powerful photo editor, with full features including crop, rotate, resize, sharpen, it is still easy to use. It also supports smart phone as Instagram. If you want to try, just go Befunky and take a look, it's free.

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