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Make Your Own Ringtones With Ringer

Most people have cellphone even for kids, but they don't know how to make own ringtones for their phone. Actually, you can make music to your favorite ringtones, only problem is regular music is too long for ringtone, you have to cut it, only take a piece of the music. It isn't too difficult. You can use some software to do this job. But for most people, they don't want to install software in computer, so you can use a web tool to do it instead of software.

Ringer is one of this kind of web tool, it helps you make own ringtone from regular music. Just upload your music, simple choose your favorite piece, cut it and make ringtone. After all done, just download, you can put it into your cellphone late. Pretty easy! It supports these audio formats: AAC FLAC M4A MP3 OGG WAV WMA.

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