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Encrypted Your Files In DropBox With BoxCryptor

If you used DropBox, might think about web cloud space is not enough safety if you want to put some sensitive stuff. Well, you can use some ways to secure these stuff, like archive file with password or use other software to secure files before you upload. Today, I like to introduce a web service to encrypt your stuff with DropBox.

BoxCryptor is an encryption tool for DropBox, it offers free and commercial plans, free plan can use 5GB transfer data monthly. You have to download a client that creates additional local drive, just copy files into that drive, they will be encrypted by application in encrypted folder automatically. This part makes users confused, you have to put files into additional drive, but upload files that located in encrypted folder. So these files all encrypted, even someone entered your encrypted folder in DropBox, they still couldn't look at files.

BoxCryptor also offers APP for smart phone users, like iPhone and Android phones.

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