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SomCloud, Easy Sync Your Web Notes

SomCloud is a Korea based web service that gives users an easy and nice web cloud for you to write, store, and sync notes with several ways, including website, smart phone's APP. You can use these devices enter service, write down notes, attach photos, docs, sync to web cloud, you can access your SomCloud any time, anywhere.

I think the best thing with SomCloud is, if you have a smart phone, like iPhone, Android phone, you can create your notes when you couldn't reach your computer, like go out, on the road. You can read, edit it on your computer after you back home. You can use PIN to lock your notes. Free account have 100MB web cloud space. On official website, you don't have to install anything, just like a web tool. With smart phone, you have to install an APP, iPhone APP, Android APP.

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