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Download, Save Torrent Files To Dropbox

Boxopus is a web service that helps users download torrent files to Dropbox. This service is good for users who have an account with Dropbox, and want to save file there. That's a big benefit? Download torrent file without a client, just add torrents as you want, forget about them, the file will save in your Dropbox automatically.

It's easy to use. First thing is, register an account of Boxopus, then hook up your account of Dropbox with it. Now, you can browse website to find torrent, save them in your computer. You can add these torrents to download list on Boxopus. Click download button, it will start. Just forget it. You can check out in your Dropbox account to make sure the downloading finished when you come back some time.

Now, Boxopus doesn't limit traffic data, but you have to make sure your Dropbox has enough space to save files.

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