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Spyware vs Spyware

Nowaday,more and more people pay attention to internet security when they get online,because we worry too many things when we read email,surf website,or shopping online,we do not want get virus,hijack,spyware,spam,and loose our personal information.How to stop there virus,hijack,spyware,spam stick around us? Use some good anti-virus/hijack/spyware/spam software.But sometimes we do not know which software we can use,which one better or worse?
Eric L. Howes,who made a good website which lists some "Rogue/Suspect" Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites.What is "Rogue/Suspect"? It means that these products are of unknown, questionable, or dubious value as anti-spyware protection.Some "Rogue/Suspect" Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites are not offer anti-spyware,they can make their spyware on your PC. Some just copy or stolen from other excellent anti-spyware software. e.g. Someone says "1 Click Spyclean Uses Stolen Spybot Database".Many "Rogue/Suspect" Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites link to Google AdWords,that is too bad.Even some antispyware make adware or spyware by themselves.

Good antispyware program:
Lavasoft Ad-aware Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta)
Spybot Search & Destroy
"Rogue/Suspect" Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites list click spywarewarrior for more information.

并非所用的反间谍软件都很有效,如果你用错了还会引火烧身带来间谍。如果你用Google来搜索“AntiSpyware”的关键词的话,你会看到有一大堆结果,但是其中有些网站和软件是非法拷贝他人的软件,有些根本没有什么效果,有些则会在你的电脑了安装间谍软件。更要命的是这些网站和软件竟然都是Google AdWords的客户,所以当你搜索“AntiSpyware”的关键词时,他们都会出现在页面上。
Eric L. Howes架设了一个名叫spywarewarrior的网站,专门对那些所谓的反间谍软件和网站进行观察,把那些假冒伪劣的反间谍软件和网站的地址和名字登在网站上供他人查询。这是一个非常好的网站!

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