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How Blogger Spreas Unwanted Software?

Recently,some bloggers whom hosted at Google's Blogspot service contain JavaScript that tries to trick users into installing unneeded software. At one such blog, users are offered a misleading popup that falsely claims "You have an out of date browser which can cause you to get infected with viruses, spam, and spyware. To prevent this, press YES now." If a user declines, the user is shown a second popup instructing "Click Yes to upgrade," followed by the first popup again. If the user declines a second time, a further popup claims "We strongly recommend you upgrade ... Click YES Now!" See screenshots below.

If a user presses yes, the user receives certain extra software, often including software that many users would call spyware.
See more screenshots below:

More detail you can read here.

近来有一些人在blogger.com注册后利用部落格的JavaScript来传播网络病毒和间谍软件。有一个部落格在你浏览网页时会跳出一个虚假信息的对话框:“你的浏览器感染了病毒和间谍软件,要避免它必须按"Yes"进行升级”。如果用户按“No"的话,它会再次跳出对话框:"按Yes进行升级"。如果用户还是按“No"的话,它会跳出另一个对话框:"我们强烈推荐你进行升级 ... 现在就按YES!"。具体请看上面的图片。

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