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30G Email offers big email account now. How big does it has? 30 G. Some people say it is better than Gmail, I tried but I don't think so. It seems ok. If you are interest about it, maybe you can try register ( you must have invitation for register). You can leave your email address or just send email to me, I will send an invitation to you. 提供非常大的邮箱。有多大?30 G!有人说它比Gmail要好,但是我试用了一下并不这么认为。如果你有兴趣的话可以去注册(需要邀请)试一下。如果你想要得到邀请的话,可以留下你的email地址,或直接发邮件给我。

Update:Someone post blog which says it was registered only on September 21, 2005. He also called someone who behide this website, and asked him, how they are going to pay for it, he said, “we have a method of paying for it.” My experience is do not put important data into new mail account.

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