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Microsoft test new hotmail

Accourding to PC Magazine reports,last seven months, Microsoft has been beta testing a radically different Web mail client, it gives to approximatley 200,000 users for test that beta.
Microsoft officials says that the new Hotmail, code named "Kahuna", has been built from the ground up with AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology. It also includes enhanced phish and spam-detecting techniques, better virus detection and better search.More informarion you can click here.
Mail Yahoo! also introduced his new web mail client.Maybe these two biggest email servers want get more email customers.

PC Magazine报道,过去七个月里,微软正在测试一种完全不同的在线邮件服务客户端,有二十万人可以得到这种服务以测试它的性能。
微软官方消息说,这是一个新的Hotmail,代码名字叫"Kahuna", 基于AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)技术。它可以改善邮件系统的抗钓鱼和垃圾邮件,以及反病毒和加强搜索的功能。更多细节可参考这里的连接文章。
Mail Yahoo!先前也介绍了新的在线邮件服务客户端,看来这两个最大的邮件服务商想抢占更大的市场。

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