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Million Dollar Homepage

How smart do you think of Chinese people? You can so easy to find ton of stuffs are made in China around the world.They are learning so fast, so good from other countries or other famous companies.They copy everything even never think about copy right.Compare to some websites you will see what they did.
Do you know Million Dollar Homepage? This is a website which has 1,000,000 pixels for sell, a guy made this website and he asked one pixel for sell $1, buyer can put ads on the pixel which he bought. After sold all of 1,000,000 pixels he will earn $1,000,000.A crazy idea!!! That young guy says he made this website to earn money just for go to university. Let us to see another website which calls 1 Bai Wan (Bai Wan means Million in Chinese ). This is a Chinese business company which copied Million Dollar Homepage in Chinese, it asked one pixel for sell 100 Chinese Yuan ( about $8.11 US dollars),and it has 10,000 pixels, after sold all of pixel it will also earn 1 million (Chinese) Yuan.

Now, we compare to another sample.Start Preview was owned by Microsoft.Look at another Chinese website Blog Cool, it was copied by Start Preview.

Yes,maybe I can show you more.43 Things is a To-do list site, it also has a Chinese sister website which calls Ai Mi.Look at both of sites below,how do you think of that?

你知道中国人有多聪明? 你可以轻而易举地在世界各地发现数不清的东西是中国制造,他们从别的国家和别的著名公司那里学的那么快、那么好,甚至从不考虑有关版权的问题。以下列举的网站就可以从中略见一斑。
你知道Million Dollar Homepage这个网战吗? 这个网站有一百万个格子,作者制作了这个网站,每个格子买一美元,买者可以在买下的格子上做广告,一百万个格子就可以卖一百万美元。多么疯狂的主意!!!这个年轻人制作这个网站赚钱是想上大学。我们再来看看另一个网站,它叫百万首页,这个网站是一个中国的商业公司制作的,它有十万个格子,每个格子买十元(人民币),十万个格子买下来也是一百万(人民币)。
现在我们看另一个例子,Start Preview微软拥有的网站。而一个叫Blog Cool的中国网站则完全拷贝了Start Preview
还有更多的例子。43 Things是一个英文许愿网站,它当然也有一个中国的姐妹网站叫爱米网。你可以在以上的图片中看到几乎一模一样的拷贝。你如何感想?

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