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Zoho Write-another web base tool

What is Zoho Writer?It is an online Word Processor to Create, Format, Store & Share Documents online.Its website says. Actually, it is similar to Writely, Jotlive,Writeboard. I did not try other except Writely, I just think it is a good web base composer tool. In other way, I used another web base tool which is Zoho Planner. You can make your plan and share it with your friends or family.It is nice.

什么是Zoho Writer?它是一个在线文档编辑工具,可以创建文档并编辑、储存、与他人共享编辑。它和一些其他的在线文档编辑工具一样,如:Writely, Jotlive,Writeboard。除了Writely我并没有试用过其他的,我认为它是一个很好在线工具。另外,我用过另一个在线计划工具Zoho Planner,它可以在线制定你的计划,并与你的朋友和家人分享及共同制作。

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