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Future Email

Would you like send an email to yourself in the future (maybe 5 years,10 years or 20 years late)? Future me creats a program which let you write email and send it in the future.This is very interesting program, because we never know after 5 years or 20 years where and who we are.Read a past email will make us think something which is a nice memory. Now,Forbes Magazine also has a program which call E-Mail Time Capsule. It is similar Future me. says it collected over 140,000 letters from its reader,and they will be sending in the future.According to account, nearly a third (32%) of the messages submitted are scheduled to be delivered just one year from now, but many people hope to communicate over much longer time frames: 15% chose three years, 18% chose five years, 16% chose ten years, and 19% will wait two decades to get their message. This is a hard work I mean store these emails and send them by different schedule, even for who can't 100% guarantee that their program will work,so it chose Internet giant Yahoo! to helps do this job.

你愿意在将来的某一天(5年、10年、甚至20年后)对自己发一封电子邮件吗?Future me有一项服务那就是让你写一封电子邮件,然后设定在将来的某一天发出。这是一个很有趣的节目,因为我们并不知道20年后我们会在哪里和我们会变成什么样子。收到并阅读一封来自自己过去的信件会勾起我们一段美好的回忆。现在,Forbes杂志也有一项叫E-Mail Time Capsule (电子邮件时光胶丸)的计划,它与Future me很相似。Forbes说它已经收集了超过14万来自它的读者的信件,并计划将来寄出。据统计,三分之一的人计划1年后寄出,但是很多人则想更长的时间。15%的人选择3年,18%的人是5年,16%的人是10年,而19%的人想等20年。要完成这项任务并非容易,甚至对Forbes也是如此,它并不能百分百地保证它的服务器能完成这项任务,所以它选择了网络业巨头雅虎来把帮助实施这项工作。

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