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Command Line For Website

YubNub is a command-line for the web.After setting it up on your browser, you simply type "gim porsche 911" to do a Google Image Search for pictures of Porsche 911 sports cars. Type "cnn" to return to CNN. And best of all, you can make a new command by giving YubNub an appropriate URL.You can install plugin to your browser,more detail click here.It seems like Chinese navigated website 3721-Wang Luo Shi Ming (网络实名).
Try to type "syber" to address bar with YubNub you will come this blog at once.
Popular Searches:
g for Google
gnews for Google News
y for Yahoo!Search
wp for Wikipedia
tec for Technorati Search
am for Amazon
cn for

YubNub是一个在线命令导航网站。如果你在你的浏览上安装了它的插件后便可以任意输入命令快速到达你想要浏览的网站,如输入"gim porsche 911"则可以直接到达Google图片搜索上的有关保狮捷911型跑车的图片。输入"cnn"则可以直接到达CNN的网页。当然你可以用任何字母来命名任何网站,你可以安装它的浏览器插件,详细信息点这里。它有点象中国大陆的3721-网络实名网站。

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