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How To Update Your Hotmail To Windows Live Mail?

I read a blog which talk about how to update hotmail to Windows Live Mail without invitation.I know you can apply here for that email service but you still need waiting a long time for get an invitation. If you have an account of hotmail you can do some steps below for update hotmail by yourself (no guarantee).Before you do that, make sure you need use IE browser.
1, You need sigh in first.Maybe you need change your address which you registered to USA.
2, Copy this address to your browser address bar.
3, Click "go",that is all.
After you do this you will see your hotmail convert to Windows Live Mail.I did once time I got, but I can not use it. I don't know why, everything seems good but something wrong which I don't know.I switch to Opera browser to login my MSN account,it also works but Windows Live Mail does not support Opera.

我在一个blog上读到一篇有关如何不用邀请也能升级你的hotmailWindows Live Mail的文章。我以前就知道只要在这个连接里可以申请升级,但是要等好长时间。如果你有hotmail的帐户的话现在就可以自己升级(不保证百分之百能成功)。在你做以下步骤前,确定要用IE浏览器。
当你完成一切步骤后可以看到你的hotmail开始转到Windows Live Mail离去了。我做了一次就成功了,但是我不能用这个信箱,看上去什么都好,就是有些地方没有显示出来。我也不知道为什么。我改用Opera登陆我的MSN帐户,一切都很好,但是Windows Live Mail不支持Opera。

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