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More Google Personalized Homepage Modules

I remember I was introduced about how to add Google Translator to your Google Personalized Homepage before. This time I want tell you a good website which offers more useful modules with Google Personalized Homepage.
Google Modules is a personal website,two people are running this website now,one from France,another is Genman. Up to now,this website offers 246 modules.I think it will be popular in the future. I am really like some modules,so you can also pick some modules who you liked. It is fun and useful.

我记得以前我介绍过如何在你的Google Personalized Homepage中加入Google翻译机模版。这一次我想介绍一个集合更多模版的网站
Google Modules是一个个人网站,只有两个人运行它,一个来自法国,另一个则是德国人。目前为止,该网站提供246个模版。我想将来它会越来越走红。我真的很喜欢某些模版,当然你也可以选择你自己喜欢的模版。它很有趣而且很好使用。

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